D- Shaped Log Home

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Project description:  2 story custom 10" D Style log home with partial heavy timber roof system and heavy timber porches. 
A D-Log simply describes the shape of the log in cross-section, with the interior side milled flat and the exterior side curved, like the capital letter D.

Hearthstone D-shaped logs consist of tongue and groove connections, dovetail corners, with interior options being hewn or planed. The sizes offered are 6x8 D, 8x8 D, 10x10 D, 12x12 D, and 8x8 DD (double D). Kiln drying services are available as well.

D- Shaped Log HomeD- Shaped Log Home   


Other log profiles available include 6x12 hand hewn with dovetail corners, 6x14 hand hewn with dovetail corners, Timberlake 6xrRandom Heights (14-22 in.), 8, 10, 12 random stack, and 10, 12, 14 random stack. These log profiles require chinking and can be upgraded to 8" thick. 


Our 6x14 log on log profile does not require chinking, and can be upgraded to 8".


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