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Even though we are located in Knoxville, we’ve done a lot of work in Texas over the years, and work all over the country, and as far away as Japan.

Boot Ranch boasts a warm and welcoming, family-centric lifestyle. There is something for everyone to enjoy: a 55,000 square foot members-only clubhouse and village complex, 4.5-acre pool and sports campus, a top-ranked Hal Sutton-designed golf course, and a 34-acre golf practice park.

The community is an artful expression of luxurious Texas ranch-style living. From custom Homesteads to Country Homes to Overlook Cabins to Sunday Houses, every residence is designed to embrace the Hill Country’s natural terrain and vistas, while adhering to the highest standards of construction, detail, and design.

Boot Ranch provides renowned service amid the rustic beauty of ranch life. It’s where members and their guests are greeted like family with true club camaraderie, outdoor adventures, and an easy, laid-back atmosphere that comes with the confidence of knowing what perfection looks like. It’s where families gather to create lifelong memories. It’s where you’ll hang your hat and lift your spirits.

Of course, you can tell us what you want, then we can cut logs and timbers and put them on your job sites.  But, we can do far more than that.  We can be your go-to people for all things log and timber.  We are people you can count on, and we will bring creativity and flexibility (of style and product).  We can be essentially an “annexed division” for any project anywhere at Boot Ranch, starting with the Overlook Cabins.  We have 40 years (and thousands of projects) of experience and almost all employees have been here more than 15 years.  We know what we’re doing and it is highly likely that we can not only execute your vision but also contribute ideas as well.

Hearthstone has a unique corporate culture and capability:  we think at the level of the “craftsman’s bench”, but we deliver at the level of a larger company.  By large, I mean in our small and specialized world.  We are a small company, but in our world, there seems to be only tiny craftsman, some doing great work, or there are larger companies doing ho-hum (or worse) work.  We can deliver an average sized house per week in these belt-tightened times, and double that as, if, and when necessary.  There are a few other companies that can do that volume.  But, they lack a culture of product passion and creativity.

For 40 years, we have been driven by the artistic, craftsman, historical, visionary, creative side of our industry.  But we have also developed the ability to deliver quantity and confidence without losing the soul and quality of that craftsman’s bench.  There is nobody else in the world with as much quality and diverse experience in both log and timber frame construction as Hearthstone.

What we do best is to make someone’s creative vision come true.  We might massage it, or we might totally create it from the tiniest of seeds, or we might execute it directly and unaltered from Charles Travis’ pen.  But, most of all:  we make things happen in synergy with our customers’ vision and passion.

If you want a partner with the ability to be passionate and creative, yet equally capable of delivering reality out of vision, plus a wide variety and flexibility of style and product, we would be very hard to beat.



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