Log & Timber Frame Home Solutions

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IPIX 3-D of Timber Frame construction in self-running .EXE  (no plugin required). 608k
photo-med-007.jpg - 6k Timber frame living room on Lake Travis in Austin, TX. 64k
photo-med-014.jpg - 5k Loft view from Texas timber frame features hammer beams in White Oak. 54k
photo-med-016.jpg - 5k Exterior timber frame at night in Madison, Wisconsin. 110k
photo-med-025.jpg - 5k Exterior timber frame/log hybrid home in Austin, TX. 90k
photo-med-026.jpg - 5k Timber frame master bedroom features Douglas Fir timbers and mortise and tenon joinery in this Telluride, Colorado, home. 72k
photo-med-027.jpg - 5k Hearthstone's first timber frame spec home on Douglas Lake in Tennessee. 80k
photo-med-029.jpg - 5k Restored wagon accents entry to timber frame home with stone exterior. 110k
photo-med-032.jpg - 5k Timber frame interior on Long Island, NY features Oak timbers with dark walnut stain. 91k
photo-med-034.jpg - 5k Custom owner designed timber frame castle in Rice Lake, WI. 93k
photo-med-035.jpg - 5k Tasting area in timber frame winery on Long Island, NY. 44k
photo-med-037.jpg - 5k Winery greeting area with tile floors and Andersen windows. 55k
photo-med-038.jpg - 4k Custom log home in Greenville, SC features log veneer on interior gables. 65k
photo-med-039.jpg - 5k One story timber frame home in Tryon, NC. 96k
photo-med-040.jpg - 5k Beautiful entry to timber frame home on Long Island. 79k
photo-med-044.jpg - 5k Interior timber frame in Wisconsin featuring many hips and valleys in roof system. 55k
photo-med-047.jpg - 5k Oversized Heart Pine entry doors designed by Hearthstone to accent any homes first impression. 54k
photo-med-054.jpg - 4k Timber frame castle in Rice Lake, WI. 74k
photo-med-058.jpg - 3k Timber frame Winery at night as photographed by Andersen windows. 47k
photo-med-059.jpg - 5k Timber frame foyer in Wisconsin featuring tile floors and White Oak beams. 85k
photo-med-060.jpg - 5k Timber frame exterior in North Carolina. 64k
photo-med-062.jpg - 5k Open timber frame cathedral ceiling above kitchen features Oak timbers and drywall ceiling. 54k
photo-med-063.jpg - 5k Restaurant seating in Oak timber frame in Big Bear, CA. 102k
photo-med-064.jpg - 5k Timber frame and panel hybrid home in Big Bear, CA. 133k
photo-med-065.jpg - 5k Custom timber frame home in Ohio featuring stone veneer applied over stress-skin wall panels. 123k
photo-med-069.jpg - 5k Custom timber frame home featuring king post design above kitchen in Hendersonville, NC designed by Hal Minick. 52k
photo-med-070.jpg - 4k Exterior timber frame home with clapboard siding. 105k
photo-med-071.jpg - 4k New Jersey timber frame home designed with Garrison style. This design has the second floor system cantilevering over first floor, providing additional square footage and protection from the elements. 100k
photo-med-072.jpg - 6k Orange County, Vermont timber frame cape featuring clear cedar clapboard siding. 97k
photo-med-080.jpg - 5k Open ceiling and fixed glass above living room in timber frame. 63k
photo-med-081.jpg - 5k Story and a half timber frame home in Tryon, NC with soaring cathedral space. 65k
photo-med-082.jpg - 5k Sitting loft area in timber frame features 4’-0" kneewall and skylight. 81k
photo-med-083.jpg - 5k Garden window over kitchen sink in timber frame provides light and ventilation to indoor plants. 86k
photo-med-089.jpg - 5k Largest single timber frame building to date in Ohio houses the Wendell August Forge company. Open to the public year round in Berlin. 62k
photo-med-093.jpg - 5k Beautiful stone fireplace in second home of retired builder on Grandfather Mountain, NC. 58k
photo-med-095.jpg - 5k Cathedral living space in North Carolina features Oak timbers and tongue and groove roof decking as built by Mark Kirkpatrick. 49k
photo-med-097.jpg - 5k Drywall interior finish complements Oak beams and Spruce Decking in this Wisconsin timber frame. 89k
photo-med-098.jpg - 5k Tongue and groove ceiling finish blends with Oak beams high above living space in Wisconsin for this custom home built by Richard Merlie. 55k
King post design accents living area. 23k
Hammer beam roof system in great room. 24k
Timber frame and structural panel hybrid overlooking Douglas Lake, TN. 51k
Architect designed addition in Long Island by Samuels and Stillman.  46k
Oak timbers stained with Jacobean Oil on Long Island. 25k
Dark timbers contrast with drywall to highlight frame. 41k
Corner glazing accents eating space in Ohio. 62k
Oak braces frame a hallway. 28k
Foyer of timber frame and panel hybrid in Nashville. 32k
Oak ceiling beams contrast with pickled tongue and groove ceiling decking. 39k
Fireplace framed between posts and ties. 34k
Interesting roof angles feature exposed valley rafters and intricate joinery. 47k
King post trusses above living room. 29k
Hip roof system with drywall panels. 67k
Complex joinery comes together at post. 43k
Diagonal braces add architectural detail to this sleeping area. 55k
Wrought iron railings feature the Texas star. 42k
Open kitchen layout provides space for entertaining. 38k
Gable dormer in bedroom added for headroom. 42k
Loft space designed for entertaining and natural light. 50k
Bay window in bedroom adds seat with view. 32k
Interior masonry stores and emits radiant heat. 31k
Multiple exterior finishes can be had with stress skin panels as featured with this Nashville brick timber frame. 57k
Plumbing chases are designed within interior walls and stacked on top of each other to hide vents and pipes. 16k


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