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Timber framing is a majestic type of construction that utilizes exacting mortise-and-tenon joinery and massive timbers to form the framework of a building. The beautiful frame is then left exposed on the interior of the home - creating a breathtaking effect of open spaces and craftsmanship rarely seen in this century.

The exterior of the frame is covered with a highly energy-efficient blanket of foam core panels. The result is a home of unmatched beauty, value, energy efficiency, and design flexibility. Generally, Timber Frame Photo Gallery the look is less rustic than a log home, yet the core skills and a reverence for wood are the same.

Timber framing was meticulously practiced for centuries as the preferred method of building construction in many parts of the world. Living examples of long-lasting timber frame structures include Japanese temples, European cathedrals, bridges, boats, and early American homes and barns.

Late in the 19th century, the introduction of structural steel, dimension lumber, and wire nails nearly eliminated the art and trade of the Timberwright. Thankfully -- as people re-discover the value of permanence and roots, there is once again an eager market for the timber frame home and commercial structure.Timber Frame Photo Gallery

The timber frame system is particularly flexible when it comes to design. We use in constantly in every application from modern contemporary to modern rustic to period reproduction. We can use any specie of wood, including recycled timber. We can provide a wide variation in surface finishes - from planed and oiled, to hand hewn, to WeatherAged™ - and more. And, the tremendous energy efficiency of the foam core panel technology is an often overlooked bonus.

Increasingly, clients are mixing both log and timber frame techniques in the same house. The results are spectacular. Come to Tennessee to visit and see what we do!

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Those head-shaking, jaw dropping skills of the Timberwright are showcased in the building trade as both log and timber frame structures. A timber frame features exacting mortise-and-tenon joinery, a less-rustic look, tremendous energy efficiency, and a wide range of architectural styles. The exterior finish can be of any style including wood, brick, or stone. The interior features exposed, finished timbers as well as conventionally painted, papered, or paneled wall finishes.

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