The Hearthstone Collection from the 56-page catalog
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Name SF Style Shape

Lake Haven 8008001.5 StorySq./Rect.11         
Blue Ridge 134313431.5 StorySq./Rect.22  X X X  
Lake Haven 140014001.5 StorySq./Rect.22X X X X  
Eastwood 1528e15281 StorySq./Rect.32X X X X  
Simpson 165716572 StoryT-Shape32X X X X  
Bunkhouse 171917191.5 StorySq./Rect.32X X X X  
Green Briar 177617761.5 StorySq./Rect.32  X X X  
Blue Ridge 1821c18211.5 StorySq./Rect.33  X X X  
Newport 183618362 StoryT-Shape32X X X    
Jefferson 18771877Salt BoxSq./Rect.33X   X X  
Pioneer 203120311.5 StorySq./Rect.32X X X X  
Lakota 207020701.5 StorySq./Rect.32  X X X  
High Vista 209620962 StoryT-Shape33X X X X  
Cambridge 230623062 StoryDog Trot32X   X X  
Chestnut 250025001.5 StoryT-Shape32X X X X  
High Rock 258325831.5 StoryDog Trot32  X X X X
Chestnut 260626061.5 StoryT-Shape44X X X X  
Hillcrest 278627861 StorySq./Rect.32X X X X X
Ocoee 289328931.5 StorySq./Rect.22X X X X  
Potomac 292629262 StoryT-Shape32  X X X  
Riverside 331933192 StorySq./Rect.43X X X X X
Robinson 382538252 StorySq./Rect.42         
Studio 429642962 StorySq./Rect.33    X X  
Hill Country 430043002 StorySq./Rect.54X X X X X
Hickory Ridge 450345032 StorySq./Rect.43X X X X  
Chippewa 536253621.5 StorySq./Rect.54X X X X X
* - Denotes an archived plan.
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