Southland Log Homes Timber Frame Components (coming soon)


1) Decorative Gable End Accent 12/12 Pitch . . .

2) Decorative Porch Truss 8' 12/12 Pitch . . .


3) Decorative Porch Post and Knee Brace


4) Decorative 45 deg Knee Braces for Overhang Support . . .


5) Timber Frame Stair Kit 8'-6 3/4" floor-to-floor varies


6) Rockbeige Model Simple Decorative Truss


7) Rockbeige Model Complex Decorative Truss


8) Grand Lake Model Simple Decorative Truss


9) Grand Lake Model Complex Decorative Truss


10) 24' x 24' 6/12 Pitch Timber Frame Car Port


11) 20' x 30' 6/12 pitch Timber Frame Pic-nic Shelter




Of course, you can tell us what you want, then we can cut logs and timbers and put them on your job sites.  But, we can do far more than that.  We can be your go-to people for all things log and timber.  We are people you can count on, and we will bring creativity and flexibility (of style and product).  We can be essentially an “annexed division” for any project anywhere.  We have 40 years (and thousands of projects) of experience and almost all employees have been here more than 15 years.  We know what we’re doing and it is highly likely that we can not only execute your vision, but also contribute ideas as well.

Hearthstone has a unique corporate culture and capability:  we think at the level of the “craftsman’s bench”, but we deliver at the level of a larger company.  By large, I mean in our small and specialized world.  We are a small company, but in our world, there seems to be only tiny craftsman, some doing great work, or there are larger companies doing ho-hum (or worse) work.  We can deliver an average sized house per week in these belt-tightened times, and double that as, if, and when necessary.  There are a few other companies that can do that volume.  But, they lack a culture of product passion and creativity.

For 40 years, we have been driven by the artistic, craftsman, historical, visionary, creative side of our industry.  But we have also developed the ability to deliver quantity and confidence without losing the soul and quality of that craftsman’s bench.  There is nobody else in the world with as much quality and diverse experience in both log and timber frame construction as Hearthstone.

What we do best is to make someone’s creative vision come true.  We might massage it, or we might totally create it from the tiniest of seeds, or we might execute it directly and unaltered from Southlands’ pen.  But, most of all:  we make things happen in synergy with our customers’ vision and passion.

If you want a partner with the ability to be passionate and creative, yet equally capable of delivering reality out of vision, plus a wide variety and flexibility of style and product, we would be very hard to beat.

If you want someone to pamper and deliver just a couple of projects per year, we can do that too, and do a great job; it just would not take full advantage of our strengths.  If you want someone to put wood parts on your sites at the lowest price per part, we probably are not that company, although we do intend to price very aggressively to get your business.  

We can do a gatehouse, we could have done a club house, or anything in between.  And, we can do it with a level of your confidence that will free you to be creative, visionary ... and it will also free you to focus on other things while we take care of the heavy timber and logs.  We free Southland to design just about anything he can come up with and then take care of the detail work. We are a strategic marketing annex - not just a parts supplier.

That’s easily said, but if you want something tangible to back up those words, check out our money-back guarantee.  To my knowledge, you can’t find anything like it in the housing business (or many other businesses) in any corner of the world.


See this project going up in the Atlanta area now.

We have an interesting home being erected now (before and after Thanksgiving) in the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation development east of Atlanta.  It’s a timber frame residence of approximately 7,000 square feet featuring some really massive cypress timbers that have been kiln dried and sandblasted to make them look weather aged.  Below, you see some production CAD work about the project.

  Customer: Fallon (Full PDF plans)
  Contractor: Calvert and White
  Location: Reynolds Plantation



CAD/CAM sounds ugly.  But, oh what freedom it gives us to create very un-ugly projects.  In the designer’s and the customer’s mind, visions and creativity dance the night away.  Then, come morning, somehow we have to make those dreams and visions happen.  Hearthstone worked with hand tools and did wonderful timber frame structures for about 15 years.  But, volume was impossible without compromising joint complexity or craftsmanship.  Also, flexibility was very tough.  We always had to do as many projects as possible with the same size timbers, same joinery, etc.  Then, after 15 years of attending German machinery shows and watching timber machining systems evolve, we bet everything on a full-blown CAD/CAM process.  If we hadn’t, we probably wouldn’t be here today.

Now, we search eagerly for difficult projects, rather than pull our hair out searching for simpler work.  People get into routines they don’t want to change.  If they’re used to cutting dovetails on logs, they don’t want to do mortise-and-tenon joints in timber frames.  Our machines don’t care what we throw at them, and they don’t yearn for the good old days, and they don’t cringe when some crazy customer dreams up something that we’ve never done before.  At least ... that’s accurate to some degree.  The truth is that we still pull out a lot of hair.  But we’re much better at pulling it out than we used to be.  To understand Hearthstone’s culture, it’s important to understand that we bet the company on computerization and mechanization not to save money, nor to build high-tech stuff.  We did it so that we could do very un-tech feeling and very creative projects, with a dramatically increased flexibility of products and design.  At Hearthstone, creativity and visions drive the machinery instead of the other way around.  That’s uncommon.  And, it matters.

Below is just one routine illustration of the complexity, flexibility, and multiple technologies that we simply couldn’t do (in any volume) before CAD/CAM.  In these drawings, you see a huge wooden hub that required a 20” x 20” x 6’ piece of oak just to get started.  There is a hub because there are so many timber elements coming together in one place that they couldn’t be joined to each other, so they’re all joined to the hub.

At other companies, this probably would have been done by terminating all the timber into a big steel hub of some sort with a bunch of visible steel plates.  But, that’s just plain ugly.  We made the hub of oak.  We cut the complex, compound joinery to attach that tangle of timbers to the hub.  Then, where the engineer would allow us, we put true mortise-and-tenon joinery with wooden pegs.  Where the engineer got feathers on his legs, we put steel connections.  But, they are “blind” connections.  They require a lot more precision than external plates.  The wood-to-wood complex cuts are done properly, there is no visibile steel, and the engineer rests more easily at night.  Everybody wins.

But you have to have resources (huge oak parts, engineers who understand timber).  You have to know what you’re doing (40 years of experience, more custom, complex CAD/CAM timber and log buildings than anyone in the world, and an experienced roster from one end of the company to the other).  And, you have to have partners all pulling together (Customer, Developer, Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Hearthstone).  If you have that, you can make people’s jaw drop - both from a creative/aesthetic perspective and from a technological perspective. Cost? Cost is always an issue. But with Hearthstone, you'll get more "jaw drop" factor per dollar than from any other company.

White Project.  Oklahoma:



Notice, once again, how Mr. Blank's architect did the creative work and we made it happen.


Here’s a couple photos of one of the several projects we’ve done for Ritz.  We didn’t get the first timber frame project because we were underbid.  We got the rest ... enough said!




Hearthstone has many systems and technical capabilities that few companies have.  Probably no company has as much experience in all the log and timber types and technology as Hearthstone.

I’ve already mentioned many strengths we have.  Here’s a short list of other technical things that many companies can not do:

  • Thorough understanding, and accommodation, of shrinking and settling.
  • Borate pressure treating as appropriate (borates are non-toxic preservatives).
  • Vacuum and radio frequency specialty kilns that dry big timbers.
  • FSC certification.  FSC is a tough accreditation that guarantees that wood products come from responsible growing, harvesting, transporting, and processing of trees.
  • Close relationships with top German and Swiss machinery and engineering firms
  • Close relationships with countless vendors, engineers, and experts in the industry
  • AIA/CES Certified - Continuing Education programs
  • World-wide erection services

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