NEW Timber Frame Tiny Home Kits Starting Under $20,000


Timber framing is just the kind of traditional craft that we at Hearthstone specialize in. Meticulously practiced for centuries as the preferred method of building construction, the trade and tradition nearly died in the early 1900’s as steel mills, high-production saw mills, wire nails, and mass production psychology replaced the art and craft of timber framing, just as that attitude displaced many of our other master-trades.

Timber Frame Tiny Home Kits 

What are SIPS?

Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Homes and consist of a rigid foam core sandwiched between two structural boards. SIPs are pre-cut, custom fabricated and quickly fitted together at the job site.

A tremendous building product, SIPs feature supreme energy efficiency and strength. They can be used for exterior walls and roof. The exterior finish and architectural look can be anything that can be applied to any other type of structure, for example, stone, glass, brick, etc. The interior walls are finished the same way any other interior wall could be finished.

Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) technology can be used with any house design or style.


  • Energy efficiency- more energy efficient than conventional construction,
  • Increased structural strength
  • Reduced air leakage-less drafty, less mold, moisture and dust
  • Pre-cut at the factory- speeds the construction process
  • Quieter- less noise infiltrates home
  • Environmentally friendly-made from sustainably harvested trees and foam insulation
  • Waste reduction-little job site or factory waste is produced in panel manufacturing

The strength of the panels is similar to steel I-beams with the insulation making up the center section and the two flanges being the wood panels. Both exterior walls and the roof system in Structural Insulated Panel Homes can be constructed from panels.

Some companies do not pre-cut their panels resulting in a tremendous amount of job site waste and loss of production. All of our panels are pre-cut, ready to fit windows and doors.

Homes that are framed with SIPs are exempt from the energy code blower door requirements. Often, an R-38 roof will be accepted by code because of the trade-off in the higher R-value walls. This fact has caused many 'stick framers' to take a second look at SIPs. When compared with 2x6 framing, exterior rigid insulation, sprayfoam and caulking, SIPs look more cost-competitive all the time. Hearthstone recommends R-24 SIPs walls and R-38 or R-49 built-up T&G roof for the best Timber Frame value for the money.

Although the SIP technology has been in use since the 1930s the increased need for energy efficiency as well as environmental considerations has made this technology an important part of today’s building practices.



Timber Frame Tiny Home Kits

Adaptability and flexibility of design and style - both interior and exterior - are hallmarks of timber frame buildings. Of our three main product lines, timber frames are the most flexible from the perspective of look and style.

Timber Frame Tiny Home Kits

Timber Frame Tiny Home Kits


Do you think you could live this small?





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